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In the neighborhood – the organic waste conversation heats up in Maine
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Sorry for the radio silence, folks – we’ve been busy working on a variety of projects including spending some time with the Maine legislature!  A new article in the Bangor Daily News caught our eye, though, and it was clear we needed to jump back into the mix with both feet.

According to the article in the BDN today, “Maine is less than 20 years away from having no place in-state to dump garbage.  At current rates of waste disposal, the state will run out of landfill space sometime around 2025.”  Those are staggering numbers that I suspect are not unlike ones in other New England states like Massachusetts, where they’ve already passed comprehensive food waste legislation.

Lucky for Mainers, Biogas Energy Partners helped develop the anaerobic digestion facility at Exeter Agri-Energy, which is fully equipped to take organic waste.  As suggested in the article, sending organics to a facility like EAE will help conserve precious landfill space well into the future.  Not only is this good for the environment but it’s also good for future generations!

We started writing about the need to divert food waste from landfills last July – in fact, our first blog post on 7/23/12 was about food waste legislation.  This conversation is not one that will go away; I predict it will only get louder.

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